GUPTA SQLBase™ 9.0.1

List of Defects Fixed

This document contains a list of defects fixed in SQLBase Version 9.0.1.

Defect IDDescription
78307Updating date/time column using bind updates with null value.
78951 When using NLS Comparison, a specific query returns 4 rows in Windows while it only returns 2 rows in NetWare, possibly due to the way the strings are compared in Netware.
79715 When doing a straight select without ANSI99 syntax, data is returned quickly. When using an inner join sequence, the data is returned very slowly.
79933 No rows returned in a query when an ORDER BY clause is inserted.
80028 SQLBase processes "<>ANY" like "NOT IN".
80173 UNION behaves differently from UNION ALL in some circumstances.
80200 When subselect returns a null, the parent query should not return records for either IN or NOT IN operators.
80207 Performance problem running a query that has been made a view.
80216 Data missing when using RIGHT OUTER JOIN on views made of more than 4 tables with GROUP BY and HAVING clauses.
80731 When @NULLVALUE(aaa,0) is used with NOT IN, the wrong result set is returned.
80778 Autoconversion problem. Certain query crashes SQLBase.
81524 Linux SQLBase gives error code 703 when serving a multi-user app with more than 40 instances.
81557 Performance issue in selects with the NOT IN clause.
81670 Conditional operators are not working with bind variables that contain negative values fetched from tables.
81773 Change the default database for the API from DEMO to ISLAND.
81815 Some types of queries perform slower in 9.0 than in 8.1.
82066 SQLBase server hangs sometimes when executing a join between a table and a view containing large amount of data.
82097 TD 3.1.0 SQLBase API sqlfgt() version 8.5 & 9 error 1307 against older SQLBase pre-8.0
82136 Apparent autoconversion problem. An unload of a 9.0 database that was autoconverted from 7.5.1 fails to load back under 9.0.
82138 When sql.ini keywords negotiateapi and secureapi are set as 1 for medium client and server is standard engine, doing a second connect within SQLTalk results in error "3806 RSD SCT Session closed/terminated error".
82158 ANSI joins return incorrect number of rows in two very specific cases.
82165 Performance problem running a query that has been made from a view which in turn is made of tables and views.
82177 Microseconds are not shown correctly by sysdatetime and systime constants in Windows.
82218 A specific query varies its behavior depending on cache settings in sql.ini.
82298 "Error: 00904 Missing left parenthesis" from SQLTalk when executing SQL statements containing some double-byte characters followed by an empty line and then continuing the statement.
82324 Stack based buffer overflow affects security.
82329 Changing Server's Describe Information(SQLPDIS) from the default Early(SQLDELY) to Delay(SQLDDLD) mode results in incorrect values for non-string columns when records are fetched from a result set.
82370 sqllxtlk (Linux sqltalk) editor is not Double Byte enabled on Japanese locale.
82383 When auditing is enabled for deadlocks, executing a test that causes lots of contention in database engine results in database crash after few deadlocks.
82387 For a specific table, dropping a column causes the SQLBase engine to crash without creating a fail.sql entry.
82391 Failure during rollback causes database to be unavailable. The database shuts down and the engine throws error "01315 MFE DBD Database has been shut down (please disconnect)".
82452 After a call to SAL external functions, the values assigned to variables inside a stored procedure are not getting printed when the procedure is executed.
82454 Server crashes when there are more than 47 AND conditions in a WHERE clause.
82502 SQLBase Server crashes during UNLOAD when the file path specified is greater than 132 characters.
82504 ANSI SQL inner join fails to fetch records in some of the cases when there are indexes on tables
82508 Performance degradation with ANSI SQL queries with join on multiple tables, without indexes on the tables.
82603 Unable to create a table with table name ending with a double byte character using sqllxtlk on Linux.
82648 Sessions making heavy use of triggers and stored procedures, with multiple users, can cause SQLBase to crash.
82654 A query using a NOT IN clause takes longer than in previous versions.
82675 A query with subselect containing "<>All" clause is giving incorrect results after creation of unique index on tables involved in the query.
82707 Silentmode=1 works in Linux, but not in Windows.
82712 SQLBase licensing in Linux needs to be based on number of machines, not number of clients.
82779 Many joins in a query run from a TD application brings SQLBase down with 'session ended abnormally'.
82781 A query containing a specific subquery returns an incorrect number of rows.
82782 A query containing many joins, when SET SCROLL is ON, crashes SQLBase.
82867 Query with a NOT IN clause and a subquery is giving wrong results.
82875 The main query is returning 0 rows if the sub-query returns 0 rows to the main query with a NOT IN clause. The main query should return all the rows.
82913 SELECT query using IN clause is returning wrong number of rows for the query: SELECT name FROM t1 WHERE name IN (select name from t1 group by name having 1 = count(*))

Driver Pack

The following defect fixes are specific to the SQLBase Driver Pack.

Defect IDDescription
67535 JDBC method getMaxRows returns 4096 by default; should default to zero (unlimited).
79820 JDBC method DriverManager.getConnection(url) gives "Exception in main: java.lang.NullPointerException".
80121 JDBC driver does not support DBCS databases.
80166 JDBC method SqlbaseDriver.acceptsURL(String) returns false in every case.
80169 JDBC method DatabaseMetaData.getTables always returns the string 'default'.
81704 JDBC driver has small loss of precision with TIMESTAMP datatype.
82305 JDBC driver does not support DBCS databases.
82435 ODBC isolation level SQL_TXN_READ_COMMITTED maps to CS in SQLBase, should map to RL.
82449 ODBC: Requesting an isolation level change sometimes does not have an effect on current isolation level.
82524 OLEDB: LONG data not being stored correctly.
82601 .NET Data Provider: For LONG data types the data length was not being evaluated when null.

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